The small things…


The small things… I just discovered that my husband put a heart on our wall. The empty snail is there since our honeymoon but there was never a heart around it. It put a huge smile on my face as … Continue reading



I couldn’t agree more – this is a wonderful written post and that’s why I reblog it (although I seldom reblog). Namaste Originally posted on Millfield School – The Untold Story: The word “Calm” is often used, but learning to … Continue reading

If Life Gives You Lemons – Drink Lemon Water


If Life Gives You Lemons – Drink Lemon Water I recently discovered lemon water while I was looking for something natural to add as a daily routine for a healthier life. I love green smoothies and try to make them … Continue reading

Mindfulnessjewelry by misssfaith is launched


Mindfulnessjewelry by misssfaith is launched Today I want to introduce one of my latest projects to you which is now at the stage of needing more attention. Many know that I run an Etsy Shop “Misssfaith – Yoga, Lifestyle & … Continue reading



Om Om is not just a sound or vibration. It is not just a symbol. It is the entire cosmos, whatever we can see, touch, hear and feel. Moreover, it is all that is within our perception and all that … Continue reading

Happy International Yoga Day!!!


Happy International Yoga Day!!! I wish all Yogis out there a wonderful International Yoga Day 2015. Here’s a small collection of my favorite Yoga pictures – mainly google finds which I saved as an inspiration and motivation for myself. Some … Continue reading

Happy Ramadan!

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May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our Heart and illuminate our Soul from within. The holy month for Muslims around the world is about to start and I wish everyone that this month will be blessed for you and … Continue reading

Love people…


Love people… Just think about yourself – would you change who you are to fit into the vision somebody else has about you or would you rather stay alone? Nobody is perfect and it’s not the aim of life to … Continue reading

The sky is not the limit, isn’t it?


The sky is not the limit, isn’t it? The whole universe is behind and surrounding us so it indeed isn’t the limit. What I mean seriously is that we shouldn’t limit ourselves – go for your dream because nobody will … Continue reading

Sri Aurobindo 1872 – 1950


Sri Aurobindo 1872 – 1950 The first and the most important thing is to know that life is one and immortal. Only the forms, countless in number, are transient and brittle. The life everlasting is independent of any form but … Continue reading

Patience is the companion of wisdom


Patience is the companion of wisdom. St. Augustine (354-430) Whenever I realise that I want all at once and right away I tell myself that I wanted to be more patient. Patience isn’t my greatest talent to be honest but … Continue reading

You are the temple


You are the temple Treat yourself in the best possible way as yes, YOU DESERVE IT!!! We often lose ourselves caring for others but there always should be some space for ourself. Only when we keep our own sanity we … Continue reading

Today focus on gratitude…


Today focus on gratitude… Today focus on gratitude and you’ll realise that there is much to be grateful for once you change your focus. In our daily hustle and bustle we often tend to forget and focus on what we … Continue reading

Nature is amazing


Nature is amazing Nature is amazing and always able to surprise us when we want start to complain – I was about to say that the weather sucks as it’s almost constantly raining and I’m craving the sunshine so badly. … Continue reading

Always something new: Premium Transfer Paper from Angel Direct


  Always something new: Premium Transfer Paper from Angel Direct I was allowed to review the PREMIUM Transfer Paper Tape for free and as I believe in creativity I was keen to work with something although I have no experience at … Continue reading

Lord Byron 1788 – 1824


Lord Byron 1788 – 1824 “There is no instinct like that of the heart.” Trust your heart as it will guide you! Instead of listening to what others want us to be or a society expect us to be we … Continue reading

Vegan Beauty Products? [re]fresh Eye Recovery Serum


Vegan Beauty Products? [re]fresh Eye Recovery Serum The more I read about mindfulness, yoga and lots of other topics the more I become suspicious and look for products that are made in a fair way. I was truly happy when … Continue reading

Today I’m grateful!


   Today I’m grateful!  Yesterday we buried my grandmother and many would start now to express their condolences but this is not the reason why I’m mentioning it. Every death is a sad story but also a story of the … Continue reading