Every moment

Every moment

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Surrender to what is

Surrender to what is

Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be. Like

You don’t always need a plan

You don’t always need a plan

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens. Like




Life is dragging us down and lifting us up, sometimes within one moment.
Yesterday Germany won the world cup while on the other site a family member died – this is unfair, isn’t it?
But that’s life – I think the key is to embrace everything life is giving us because otherwise we won’t be able to cope with all those emotions.

After everything calmed down I sat down in the evening and started to paint again – what could be better than the word ‘Life’?

This post is just a short one but that’s also one facet – sometimes it doesn’t need much words to express a current situation.

Take care

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Garden serenity


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Garden serenity Today I spent the whole day relaxing in my parent’s garden and tried to catch the beauty of this calm place. Instead of writing long stories I’ll feed you with pictures. Enjoy! Like

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

May this festival of lights fill your heart and soul, With blessings, joy and prosperity and make you whole, Wishing you and your family, Ramadan Kareem Mubarak Like

Karma – what goes around comes around


Karma – what goes around comes around

I just found this picture on the web and it reminds me of the Karma circle.
It isn’t exactly as its displaying thoughts, feelings and actions but in the end this is also what we present of us to the entire world around us.

Our actions are led by feelings and thoughts.
Our feelings are led by actions and thoughts.
Our thoughts are led by actions and feelings.

It is a circle we cannot escape as life goes like this.
Even more, sometimes we cannot control some of them.

Are you always in full control of your actions?
I’m not, I see it from time to time in myself when I for instance throw something harder than normally into the trash bin – why am I doing it?
Because I haven’t my feelings or thoughts or both under full control. Maybe something was stressing me and the trash bin is the one taking my anger.

The same goes for feelings – why are we sometimes sitting in front of a ridiculous movie and suddenly tears are running down our cheeks? We may not even be sad or unhappy but our thoughts start the action of tears running or are it our feelings?

Last but not least our thoughts – we say we are fully conscious of what we are thinking, or at least many say so but what when it comes to the following:
Don’t think of a red-striped unicorn hunting a walking ice-cream cone!
Can you stop thinking?

Meditation is often said as a way to stop thinking but from my point of view that’s not true. For me it’s more a way to calm your thoughts – to give them some rest. Our brain is the most active organ we have as it’s constantly building bridges between synapses without having a healthy time-out.

To keep our body functions up and running is already a heavy job and then we come and fill it with more and more and more.
But can we exist with having a healthy body but an over packed brain?
It won’t work properly so why aren’t we giving it some rest from time to time?
You may say now it has enough rest during the time we are asleep but that’s wrong. There are our dreams and although we may not remember them in the morning be assured, they are there each and every night.

I started this post with the headline of Karma – what goes around comes around.

Not everyone has an idea what Karma means so I asked some persons around me. These are the answers I’ve got:

Everyone gets what he/she deserves.

Karma is falling back to you if you did something wrong, it’s catching you then.

You can have good or bad Karma.

Karma = Aura = what surrounds you = your radiation = what you receive (for me quite negative)

Karma has something to do with spirituality, rebirth, something manifested in a former life

Karma: do shit and shit will happen to you – do good and good things will happen to you

The cosmic principle of cause and impact (karma):
Each cause has an impact – each impact has a cause. Each action produces a certain energy which bounces back to the producer with the same intensity.

These are just a few examples and I think if you ask one hundred persons you will get one hundred different answers and in the end it’s not important what Karma means exactly but inevitable that you live and build your life on important principles and values.
These principles are written down almost everywhere, you can go to almost each religion and self-help book and you’ll find the same principles and values. Do good, help others, don’t treat others in a way you don’t want to be treated yourself, don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t betray and so on.
It doesn’t matter where you grew up or which religion you have – what matters is that you are a human being and you should base your life on humanity.

Always keep in mind to pay attention to all three, your actions, your thoughts and your feelings as one influences the two others always.

Keep the good vibes and enjoy life!

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So happy…

So happy…

So happy… …to welcome my husband back home so soon now – the waiting has an end after another long period of a long-distance marriage. What makes you happy today? Like

There are far better things ahead than we leave behind – C.S.Lewis

images (2)

There are far better things ahead than we leave behind – C.S.Lewis

Years ago I thought it can’t get worse; everything in my life was going into the wrong direction.
At least this is what I thought. And I wasn’t alone.

Many are living their life day-by-day and don’t see all the opportunities life bears for us. We do things in a way we are used to instead of changing the way and trying something new.
The more routine we allow ourselves the more we miss. We miss what we can learn out of all these days which seem miserable because they show us many ways to change our life or adapt it to something worth living.

There’s always a way and also always better things than what we leave behind.

I was used to live in a way which may seem comfortable on the surface, always following the same schedule, sleep, work, some leisure time spent with family, friends or sports, a few hours in front of TV or the computer, sleep, and so on.
Is this all life can give?

No, it even can lead into a depression, seeking better things.

I broke this circle, I took my life in my own hands, independently from what others may think, it is my life!

Once you realize this you made the first big step towards a brighter future.
Ask yourself, are you truly happy?

People tend to feel sorry for themselves and they find thousands of reasons why their life is exactly how it is and why they are not able to change it. Instead of creating excuses we should put our energy into creating new ways for ourselves. It’s not that complicated and it sometimes just needs a few minutes per day and you feel an amazing change.

If you compare life to a book with many chapters where is the sense of reading one special chapter over and over, again and again? This way we will never get to the end of a story and discover what else happened.
So why are we often doing it with our own life, reading the same sad chapter?

Re-living a miserable time doesn’t make sense, burying yourself can’t be the solution. We need to stand up and write the next chapter of our own life.
Learn from mistakes you made in the past and exclude them in your future.

Nobody is perfect and for sure there are days when I look back, reflecting, comparing, but these days went by, they belong to my life and shaped me into the person I am today but they will never be able to take over my whole life.

The past is the past and that’s the place where it belongs to. Let it go!

There are so many things in life just waiting for us to be strong enough to take them.
Whatever age you have, it’s never too late to give changes a chance.

If I would have decided to remain in the same state
• I would never have met my husband
• I would never have reached the next job level
• I would never have travelled alone for the first time in my life
• I would never have experienced the feeling of unconditional love a person can give
• I would not know how it feels if you are separated from a person you love for a long time and how it feels if you can finally close your arms around him after months of waiting
• I would never have felt the pure joy when I said my wedding vow
• I would never have learned to say donkey in Arabic
• I would not be able to stay in a crow pose for a few seconds
• I would not know how much Yoga would mean to me one day
• I would not write a blog
• I would not know how it feels to say good-bye to a person who belongs to your life like the air you breathe
• I would not have met a whole new family
• I would not know the overwhelming emotion of being taken just the way I am.

Write your own list and you’ll see that life is so much worth living.
There is so much in front of me and I don’t want to miss all these experiences I made and I will make.
I look forward to all new chapters of my life, knowing that it won’t be all nice and happy ones, but also knowing what my past taught me – if you remain in miserable times you miss also the wonderful parts.

So move on, look forward to live your life and try to make the best out of it.
As C.S.Lewis has written, “There are far better things ahead than we leave behind.”

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It always seems impossible until it’s done.
Another picture I found and another sentence which kept me thinking a bit further.
What is impossible?
Sure, there are many thing impossible for humans, we will never be able to fly with our arms as wings for instance but aren’t we using the word ‘impossible’ far too often?
We are quickly saying ‘No, that’s impossible’ although we either don’t want something or think we aren’t able to do it.

If someone would have told me in the past that I will have a long-distance marriage one day I would have answered them ‘impossible’, how should that work?
Today I’m more wise because it does work!

It was ‘impossible’ for me to think about marriage after just a few months of knowing each other and what happened, I found my ONE and nothing seems impossible for me anymore. We are married and some may say it was quite fast but when it feels right and there is no doubt, then why not?

Impossible that I start to write about my life and experiences in public? Here we are and I like my blog more and more. The more I work on it and write, the more confidence I’m gaining and texts are written more smooth as in the beginning.

These are just a few examples and I could put many more.
I started to write a book, got back to paint and create my own unique art, opened an online shop, many things where I wasn’t thinking of in my past but today I’m sitting here and know that it’s done and I feel good.

Follow your dreams, nothing is impossible.

You believe that your destiny is to do something extraordinary? So go ahead and give it a try!

It all doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, everything takes its time. I just started and can’t expect to be the best blogger ever or to sell hundreds of paintings right away. A long-distance marriage is not easy as well and we always miss each other but for everything in my life I can say: It’s NOT impossible!

The worst what could happen is to regret one day that I never tried – so I keep my head high and face all struggles which come along with these decisions in my life.

You may ask why?

Here’s the simple answer:
Because they are worth it!

Stay faithful and good luck in trying to reach your ‘impossible’!

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