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Relaxation for your soul – slowing down is the key!


Relaxation for your soul – slowing down is the key!

Our life nowadays seems to be moving almost every time on the fast lane.
We’re rushing through our days and often realize completely exhausted at the end of the day that we didn’t had the time to enjoy it.

The biggest time-saver, which should be modern technology, turns out to be a time eater if we don’t keep an eye on it.
How many hours do you spend in front of your computer without having things accomplished after all?

Spending time with technology seems to be our daily habit or do you have times where you shut everything down for a couple of hours? Not many are doing it because they have the feeling to miss something. The latest news, the best ways to create a happy life, the newest inventions for saving time, the 100 wonderful tips on how to spend time mindful or even the latest gossips.

We are addicted to always be available and up-to-date. Sometimes I have the feeling as if there’s not a minute of rest and no sense of completion ever, but it’s on us to change this.

Is this really how you want to spend your time, always being busy beyond words?
If not, then why not going against the stream, at least from time to time?

Let’s be rebels, rebels against a life reined by technology.

Let’s be worshippers, worshippers of time-outs, of nature, of books, of slowing down.

Changing a lifestyle isn’t always easy but it needs a first step to initiate a change.
Once started it quickly shows you that your mood starts to be better as you appreciate life more.

The first step could be to leave your house for an hour without your phone – just sit in the garden, stroll through a park or enjoy nature – it sounds easy, doesn’t it?
No worries and instead just enjoying our pure being, soaking in fresh air and the sound and smell of the nature around us.

Breathe deeply in and out and feel the air flowing through your body. It releases stress within seconds and slows down immediately.
Try it and discover yourself the effect with just a simple technique.

The Health & Family blog has 6 wonderful Breathing exercises, read them here: Health&Family

Don’t be afraid to sit a while and just be quiet with yourself.
Take some time each day to be quiet.
It doesn’t need to be hours, 20-30 minutes are already enough to let the serenity enter your body and mind.
Try a meditation or lay down and listen to some music, relax and just be in this very moment.
Many are afraid of doing it as it may reveal your inner fears and thoughts when there’s nothing to distract you. It is true but it is important. The more often you connect with yourself the better it will become.
There’s no denial possible, we can’t run away from ourselves so start to make peace with yourself.

Be present!
Slowing down doesn’t mean to lay down and do nothing – it can from time to time but in general it should be a mindful process that changes your habits completely. So be present means being mindful in every moment.
Live in the now and don’t get lost in thoughts about what happened yesterday or what you still need to accomplish.

Be focused!
Do just one thing at a time without being distracted.
Multitasking sounds so easy but the truth is if you focus on one task you will get it faster and better accomplished as if you are doing several things at the same time.

Short breaks
Give yourself short breaks.
Working in an office I know what I’m talking about. Stand up, stretch, step shortly outside and breathe deeply to recharge your energy.
We tend to eat in front of our computer instead of enjoying the meal, it’s you who need to invent the change.
Nobody will ask you to do it this way so start to change it.

Disconnect to connect
If you look around while being in a coffee or a restaurant you will quickly notice that almost everyone has a phone in his/her hand.
People are checking their emails, are on Facebook or twitter, trying to get the latest news, or just simply inform the world where they are right now.
Instead of enjoying the company of the people they’re with, they “communicate” with their iPhone, Blackberry or any other mobile device.
Start to communicate with the persons in front of you, listen to their stories, discuss, observe, tell them what you are thinking.
We are too often absent in real life although we are physically present.

Be grateful!
You have achieved many great things already, I’m pretty sure that’s the case for everyone.
We just don’t see them anymore because we always want to become better, richer, greater, more of everything. Start to appreciate what you already have instead of losing sight of it.
There are so many things in life to be grateful for, you just have to give them a place in your life.

Reasons to be thankful

Enjoy life!
Don’t rush through the weeks without having done something for yourself.
Take time to go into the nature, breathe and feel alive. Enjoy every second, you only live this one life.

Do less!
The focus should be on what’s really important – let go of the rest.
See here: 10 to Zen – Let go

Say no!
If you don’t want to do something you don’t have to! We often agree on something in order to please others but it shouldn’t be like this.
Do things you really want to do and if you are not in the mood or don’t feel comfortable with something decline it.
This won’t work everywhere, surely you need to stick to some work tasks for instance, but if you start to be more attentive you’ll see many things where you are able to choose.
Set priorities and fulfill them with pleasure.

Do something just for yourself
Try what you like and where you have the feeling that it adds a certain portion of joy into your life.
“Me”-time is important to be grounded and to have an escape where you can relax and become one, your body, mind and soul. For me for instance it’s writing, reading, Yoga and being creative in general – these moments are precious for me and it’s a time where I am relaxed.
If you found your source of relaxation keep it like a treasure, don’t start to stress yourself to become better or compare yourself to others.
If you are doing things continuously they will naturally have the effect that you are becoming better. Give it the time it needs and just do.

Don’t feel guilty!
We are humans and no machines, please remind yourself always that we are not made for fulfilling thousands of things within a short period of time.
It’s absolutely OK to take time-outs, even more, it’s needed to keep your sanity! So don’t feel guilty when you take a time-out and do nothing.
These time-outs are precious although you don’t see the sense on the surface but for instance lying in the grass and watching the birds is such a time-out and it definitely brings you joy and can release tension.
Do you remember how you were climbing trees as a kid? Where’s the sense you are asking?
You’ll change the perspective, it seems odd but deep inside it can awaken new ideas or new energies for moving forward when being back on the ground.
It’s not easy to really do nothing but once you are able to do it you’ll see how good it feels.

Not everything has to be extraordinary.
In fact most of the things don’t have to. The simple things can often turn out to be the most wonderful ones.
You are going to the countryside with a very expensive car to have a relaxed drive, that’s great. Do the same on a rusty old bicycle – I’m sure you will experience more to take back home as you think.
You smell, you feel, you hear, you move physically – we should appreciate simplicity more often than we think.

Be organized!
One last and from my perspective important point is to be organized.
As long as the spaces around you are full of clutter it’s hard to relax your mind.
Organize your workspace, your home, your life and you’ll have more freedom to stay focused in the present.

What are your tips for slowing down or what do you enjoy most when you need some relaxation?

Mindful greetings!

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